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Presentation by Gail Moody, Dept of Infrastructure and Development, Victoria

Presentation by Burc Buyukonal, Austrade Turkey
ARIC is an export-oriented, non-profit organisation formed by Australia's Railway Industry with the support of the Government. ARIC will represent members' interests in promoting Australian Railway Industry products, services and technology into the world market place.

ARIC is a private sector industry body which co-operates with Australian public sector bodies, including railway operators, which may observe by invitation at the general meetings of ARIC.

ARIC members draw on Austrade resources and support through co-ordination provided by the National Manager Railways, who is based in Sydney and who provides managerial services to ARIC. Typical services available on a priority basis to ARIC and its members through this association with Austrade include:
  • Participation in International Marketing Events Trade shows, Trade Missions, Conferences, Exhibition.
  • Participation in official visits by International railway officials and buying delegations.
  • Access to and assistance from the Austrade International Network.
  • Inclusion in ARIC Products and Services Directory (circulated to overseas customers in print, web and CD).
  • Development of Market Intelligence for key target markets.
  • Communication of overseas market opportunities and tender notices.
  • Export market research.
  • Access to financial support schemes.
  • Maximise the benefits available through the Austrade network.
  • Overseas representation through Austrade's Trade Commissioners.
  • Greater refinement in market selection and entry strategies.
  • Maximise member's capabilities to participate in Government grant schemes.
  • Member access to State and Federal Government departments through ARIC.
  • ARIC provide segmented concentration to capture specific opportunities, this expands the members sphere of opportunity collection by providing focussed data collection.
  • Organisation of a consistent corporate profile by ARIC of the members products and services when on display.
  • Management of client receptions and meetings where required.
  • Provide forum for general meetings of the ARIC membership. Provision of relevant third party speakers providing comprehensive market information (economic, opportunity or long term planning detail).
  • Provide environment for the members to network and discuss activities of mutual interest and benefit.

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